Echo's Book presentation

Echo's Book presentation
on Sunday March 21, 7 pm,
at Flutgraben e.V.
Echo's Book is edited by
Sönke Hallmann and designed
by Paul Gangloff.

Exemplary Readings
March 20/21, 2 – 5 pm,
at Flutgraben e.V.
A Department of Reading-
session on Liturgia and
the Modern State, a lecture
by Giorgio Agamben.
With Tanja Widmann,
Inga Zimprich and guests.

Flutgraben e.V.
Am Flutgraben 3, Berlin
To participate online,
please e-mail

(only in German though)
from the previous reading on
Der Autor als Geste.
E C H O' S

Echo's Book assembles the writings and readings of the Symposium for Readers (Berlin, December 2007). Made of two adjacent volumes, each having its own spine, the book consists of four parallel columns. It therefore works as if the reader had two books opened next to each other. The right volume has on its outer pages six essays in their initial form – essays from Giorgio Agamben, Mary Kelly, Terre Thaemlitz and others. In correspondence the outer pages of the left volume contain excerpts from those chats that evolved around these essays during the symposium. Fragments of the readings and writings are echoed within the two inner pages, in the double space that presents itself at the centre of this book. Here the figure of Echo, repeating phrases once in a while, makes a text recognisable that may have produced itself at the margins of the symposium.

It seemed to me that only if I could understand what is a liturgical act, I could answer to Arendt's question: What does it mean, to act politically? As a matter of fact the proximity between liturgy and politics is implicit in the very term "liturgia". The Greek term "liturgia" comes from "laos" (people) and "ergon" (work) and it means therefore literally public action, activity done for the people.

This liturgical paradigm of practice has exerted a decisive influence on both, ethics and politics of modernity. In that sense I would suggest that the Western conception of ethical and political action has been shaped by the idea of office. Officium.

Exemplary Readings is dedicated to the work of Giorgio Agamben. This series pays particular attention to the place that language takes in Agamben's ethical thought. The different reading sessions follow the inner movements of his writings, those lines that draw the reader from one essay into the ones aside to it, as much as the very braces with other writers. Exemplary Readings aims at the ethics that Agamben grounds on the central emptiness inherent to any act of speech and its political potential.

Preceding the presentation of Echo's Book the reading session on March 20/21 addresses Agamben's lecture Liturgia and the Modern State. Each session runs from 2-5 pm. On Sunday from 7 pm you are invited to take a look at Echo's Book.