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Achim Lengerer
Models for Rehearsing the Script
Temporary Projection Screen For F.D, 2010.
Thursday, June 16th
Starts 7pm

The Reading Room
Flutgraben e.V.
Am Flutgraben 3, 12435 Berlin

Placing things like gestures in space. Arranging things with hands, bringing them together for a time: in the dilapidated Parisian shops in Les Halles that are desperately trying to make their façades presentable again, I find a correspondence in a library: "I received your letter . . . read it again and again, dear friend, signed Fernand Deligny, November 16, 1968." And the title of films I had shamefully never heard of: Ce gamin-là and Le Moindre Geste.

The slightest gesture. That’s right, Achim, that’s actually how it should be when we, I, make things — preserving, discovering, guiding the slightest, smallest, indescribable, cautious, most nondescript gestures. Looking further — a large, beautiful book, printed in French on extremely thin paper; that’s what there is of the author. Not so much in German, of course: from Merve a volume from the seventies: "Ein Floss in den Bergen/A Raft in the Mountains." A book that lies - like a discarded teddy bear - sequestered in storage at the university library where I find it, so that it is no longer possible to access its by now worn-out greenery. I talk to T., who is running Merve now, if there is a chance to re-publish parts of the book within my Scriptings series. He agrees spontaneously. But since our talk a real "publisher" came up with the same idea. Luckily the texts are going to be republished properly in German - again accessible. Still ... still there is my idea (a wish, a fancy) to work with the voice-overs Deligny has provided for the movies. So, Ciarán and Dominique, would you agree that we start working on this, to drift along some scenes of the movies with the texts at hand and do, what your project suggests: read. This time read aloud in French, German, maybe switch to English once in while?
Looking forward
and see you Thursday.

Achim Lengerer is an artist based in Berlin and Amsterdam. In his work, he deals with questions of language, which he realizes in performances or in installations. He has been running the traveling exhibition space and publishing house Scriptings since 2009. Scriptings functions as a discursive platform, building on and running parallel to Lengerer’s projects. Artists, writers, graphic designers, performers, and publishers – all those who make use of "script" and "text" formats in their respective production processes – are invited to take part in Scriptings. Lengerer is currently working on a publication and performance called "ZOOOOM: Little Body Beating Heart".

The Reading Room is a project based in private spaces in Berlin, with the aim to maintain, archive and represent products of contemporary art practices evolving within printed and published formats. The project presents a curated selection of over 60 artist's publications (books, zines, magazines and newspapers) and related projects (such as fold-out posters or published audio projects), from a range of internationally based artists, both established and emerging.

At Flutgraben e.V., The Reading Room is situated within a specially-constructed space in the studio complex for a period of four months, available for use by the artists of Flutgraben and outside visitors every Wednesday (11 - 17.00), and also by special appointment at all other times (request per e-mail).
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