Department of Reading

15.05.07 22:41
awake or at sleep

15.05.07 22:41
time to settle

15.05.07 22:42
time to vanish

16.05.07 00:25
well, i just read all of this - and i feel quite far away. i did read what you wrote, but i see my role as the fool, and speaking of very basic things

16.05.07 00:34
It never ceases to be an intrusion: that is to say, it is always without the right to be there; it never becomes familiar, one never becomes accustomed to it. On the contrary, it is always a disturbance, a discordance in the midst of intimacy. This is what must be thought, and therefore practiced. If not, the strangeness of the stranger is reabsorbed before he has passed the threshold.

16.05.07 00:46
what happens with this someone else you believe you are when you are not reading anymore?

I don't know, what to do with my readings.
They seem to use me more than I use them, even though it might be that I make use of the text as my very own voice.
Readings are intrusions.
I still don't know how to welcome them.

From Haunting
15/16 May 2007
24 hours of reading
Hosted by Paul Gangloff

16.05.07 02:30
please continue while I sleep

16.05.07 21:15
how do you welcome the ghost? By letting it pass unnoticed? (A paralising presence)... to accept the non-appearance of that, what we anticipate? Abandon the idea to know what is incomprehensible?

16.05.07 21:16
I wonder in how far the intruder implicates the space he has been expelled from

16.05.07 21:19
In a transient expression, one might suggest, the only possibility to welcome the intruder, would have been to become the intruder to oneself.

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