Choreographed Meeting

In another argument, a meeting asks for at least 2 informed individuals that - whether it be in the blink of an eye "through a random encounter" on the street, or based on a more elaborate interest - choose themselves to go face to face. In möte09, no participants have chosen each other. They were put around the table as individual pieces in a choreographed chess game. Or a chess game for which they need to write the choreography themselves. As a result, there is more than just a temporal contradiction, but also a fundamental confusion about who choreographs, and who is being choreographed at stake.
Could we change the relations in art production if we find better words?
So can a meeting be choreographed and how can we test it? Linking back to one of Johan's first interventions, explaining his interest as a choreographer to "deconstruct his audience" from a entity out there to a group of individuals to meet directly as an integrated and immediate (to quote Sönke) part of the performative act, it seems relevant enough to try to do so. This could call for a different kind of choreography that goes beyond the strict representation of an idea to a secluded audience, but through a firm directness allows for the spectactor to step-in as a co-performer, consequently dissolving the very rigid borders and regulations of the black boxed environment.