Circa 1968 Drawing

      1. I leaned against a stone wall along the park, thinking about
      the crowd passing by and shook with rage. It was all a swindle, 
      an obscene swindle! They had set themselves up to describe the world.

      2. Behind me: I began to accept my past and, as I accepted it, 
      I felt memories welling up within me. It was as though I'd learned 
      suddenly to look around corners.

      3. I am happy to have participated in the events of May 1968. 
      Many have regretted their participation, but not me. In 1968, there 
      was this feeling that there was a global convergence of events. 

      4. You told me once upon a time that you will ask the impossible 
      of me. I play the secret against the weak witnesses, the particular 
      witnesses, even if there is a crowd of them, because there is a crowd. 
      This is the condition for witnessing - or for voyeurism - for the 
      absolute nonsecret, the end of the private life that I reject; but 
      while waiting, the private (eye) has to be thrown in.

      5. Paris, November 2005 
      You ask me, in short, how we are feeling over here. I can reassure you: 
      there aren’t any fires here, no overturned cars, no smashed windows. 
      It’s only over there, that it is happening. 
      What shocks people most is the hatred of things: so hundreds of bodies 
      will very soon be locked away because they’ve harmed objects. And I 
      won't be able to prove otherwise. 

      6. Wir haben hinter den Fenstern gestanden, Gardinen zu, und haben 
      gesehen, was da draußen los ist. Es war eine riesige Menge Leute 
      auf dem Marktplatz, der ganze Marktplatz war voller Menschen. 

      7. Künstler bauen Barrikaden – Texte und Manifeste, München 1988
      The subject is the artist, the object is to make art free.

      8. The collective memory is created through the evident repetition 
      of always the same images. 
      I had been told there is a revolution. So I put my bag in the
      corner and went to the big square. And there was already something 
      going on. There was a big fire at the centre and everything that 
      wasn’t nailed down was thrown into this fire with great euphoria.

quotation as hospitality