Circa 1968 Parts 5-8

 5. Above, a flag, neither communist, 
 nor anarchist, but Vietnamese, two 
 years after the bombing of Hanoi,
 Chicago and Kent State still ahead. 
 Now, „We are all Vietnamese Jews.“
 „We are all la pègre.“ "We are all racaille"
de se révolter.“

 6. On the balcony, a banner: USINE-
 UNIVERSITÉ-UNION. No separation, 
 revolt, she said
 no delegation, no right to speak without
 les enquêtes. 
You can see then,
that what you have
to take seriously
is that we always
live like we’re at war

                                                                7. From the left, “We want more time to live!”                                                   
                                                                More … time … more everything … 
                                                                ”Everything, right now!
77. among the wretched of the metropoli
On a raison!
there appears a discursive order
On a raison!
which,starting by revisiting their own
On a raison!
historical/political experiences,
On a raison!
not only criticises the present
On a raison!
but also attacks key passages in world
history and Western culture
                                 8. Below, les marroniers, in bloom 
                                 perhaps. The smell of exaltation, 
                                 exhaustion: ten dead, 1500 injured. let a thousand flowers bloom
                                 More fleurs du mai
                                 than a cultural revolution, yet 
                                 less than expected. Beneath the 
                                 paving stones,  more than a beach .
                                                 sur le mort .
                                                 pas de fleur .

mutations in the identity of feminism as a political movement
we want more time to live
and mutations in the subject seized by feminism. Each moves away from a fixed state and grows into something defined by its ability to change