Circa 1968 Parts 5-8 Test

How are you?
dear wiki, please send this message.
 5. Above, a flag there should be a comment, a double one, here and as a message to skype, do it again, Doris, neither  communist ,
 nor anarchist, but Vietnamese, two 
 years after the bombing don't forget the bombing of Hanoi,
 Chicago and Kent State still ahead. 
 Now, We are all German Jews.
 We are all la pègre. On a raison 
 de se révolter. 
riot grrrl please tell us, what I do

 6. On the  balcony , a banner: USINE-
 UNIVERSITÉ-UNION. No seperation, 
 no delegation, no right to speak without
 les enquêtes. 

                                                                7. From the left,  We want more time to live!                                                    
                                                                More   time   more everything   
                                                                 Everything, right now! 
                                 8. Below, les marroniers, in bloom 
                                 perhaps. The smell of exaltation, 
                                 exhaustion: ten dead, 1500 injured. 
                                 More than a cultural revolution, yet 
                                 less than expected. Beneath the 
                                 paving stones, more than a beach.