Counter-constructivist Model

Counter-constructivist model (La Fontaine stories for Immigrants) – paper-film in nine acts

Minna Henriksson and Sezgin Boynik

Sunday 20th 5pm, discussion starts at 5.30 pm Project space Flutgraben e.V.

We are happy to invite you to join us on Sunday, 20th of October at 5 pm in the project space of Flutgraben e.V. to discuss the work ’Counter-constructivist model (La Fontaine stories for Immigrants) – paper-film in nine acts’ by artist Minna Henriksson and theoretician Sezgin Boynik. Sezgin and Minna developed the Counter-constructivist model in 2012 during a residency at Botkyrka Konsthall in Fittja, a suburb of Stockholm. Aiming to deconstruct myths and fables surrounding the participatory function of social art, with the Counter-constructivist model they developed an experimental book – or a paper film – through which they tried to deal with issues such as multiculturalism, cultural nationalism, whiteness and segregation.

With references from Frantz Fanon, Black Audio Film Collective, Walter Benjamin, Louis Althusser and Art & Language, contributions by Petra Bauer and Dror Feiler, and interviews with researchers working in Fittja Multicultural Center, the paper-film proposes a model of political art, which directly engages with these issues from the materialist position of class struggle, violence and anti-historicism.

On Sunday the Counter-constructivist model will be on display in the provisory exhibition set. Linking to Minna’s and Sezgin’s line of work addressing nationalism in art, we’d would like to debate together underlying concepts of their work and our complicity in these.