Cultural Politics During Uprising Cultural Politics During War

Sunday, November 16th at 5 pm
in the project space of Flutgraben e.V.
Nikita Kadan (artist based in Kyiv, member of Hudrada (artist council) and R.E.P. group (Revolutionary Experimental Space)) will speak about how the cultural politics of the uprising differ from the cultural politics in times of war in Ukraine. While the Maidan uprising produced a number of rituals performing unity, be it in collectively building barricades, in public punishments or singing and praying on the square, the cultural politics of war today produce an artificial unity void of ambiguity. Cultural articulations have to prove their usefulness and seem to support national aims. Required to take sides in effect the cultural sphere has cleared itself of internal critique, of doubt and hesitation. The attempts at emancipatory and self-organized cultural politics that the Maidan uprising brought forward are being consumed since being faced with the threat of an external power.
The conversation will take place in English.


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