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Ongoing propositions under different conditions takes place as a series of rehearsal sessions. Each staging revolves around processes of scripting and performance, and combines them within a practice that remains in abeyance. The series does not aim to perform a given or previously rehearsed condition, but is heading for a production mode in which rehearsing, writing and staging fall into the same gesture. The materials generated during these rehearsals are published in the magazine SCRIPTINGS.

Last session: 3/4 March 2010

The series playing practice suggests a space where text becomes a matter of playing and playing a practice that allows for reading and writing to coincide. By simple means fragments of text can be quoted, edited, moved, exchanged, reworked, replaced and rewritten. The series invites to discuss the matter of playing and in that each of its session allows for different figures to appear through modes of playing with the textual fragments that come forth from these discussions.

Last session: 1 November 2009

common practice is a reading group that uses Wiki and Skype to perform a Calvino-style manipulation of texts. Through unpredictable cobbling together of texts, poetry, people, code, language, Wiki, chat, conversations etc. we will co-produce untagged and free style body/ies of knowledge.

Last session: 30 September 2010

Exemplary Readings applies the practice of the Department of Reading to the work of Giorgio Agamben. Though dedicated to topics such as that of the gesture, this reading series pays particular attention to the place that language takes in Agamben's ethical thought. Exemplary Readings traces the topos of an empty place and its adjacency with the paradigm of linguistic experience throughout Agamben's writings. The different reading sessions follow the inner movements of these writings, those lines that draw the reader from one essay into the ones aside to it, as much as the very braces with other writers. Exemplary Readings aims at the ethics that Agamben grounds on the central emptiness inherent to any act of speech and its political potential.

Last session: 20/21 March

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