department of reading

blindtextblindteopening speech of the
blindtextblinDepartment of Reading, given
blinduring the first manifestation of the textblindtextblindFaculty of Invisibility
textblindtextblindtextblindtDecember 2006
This morning I decided to re-write my speech, or at least to add some remarks and ideas from yesterday to which I would like to refer with some brief comments. I would like to do so, since these remarks relate in different ways to my initial speech as well as they, in my view, relate in a specific manner to the task of this first manifestation of the Faculty of Invisibility. Maybe this might be an improper act of appropriating or incorporating, but I think it will also take place at the incalculable risk of being intruded, haunted or inhabited.My brief attempt to recapitulate the work I have been engaged with the Department of Reading during the last four years comes from a fatigue. Even though this fatigue is not unusual at all, I just didn't want to pass over it either. It appears to me that such a fatigue is due to an inevitable repetition. Something keeps on coming back, so to speak. Some experiences and questions repeat themselves over and over again. They are constantly at work within the Department of Reading, for instance, and have been addressed in its practice several times as well, but nevertheless they seem to remain undefined and apparitional.

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Art and Desire
November 2010