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Post-design is defined by an approach that reverses the mechanisms spanning the relations between products, needs and value. The point of no return is rather the vanishing of those categories and the construction of a continuum where any object (material or immaterial) enjoys a threefold incarnation. What derives from this construct of interchangeability is the simultaneous abolition of the hierarchies that used to characterize the society of the preceding post-fordist era. That is to say that when products generate needs, when needs trigger value speculations and when values are embodied in products, we cannot speak anymore of pure consumption as consumption itself becomes a productive ground. Consumption directly creates new needs, calls for constant reevaluations (financial or symbolic) and motorizes the turbines of mass production. In a sense, the creation or generation of new products, needs or values is perpetually performed at any stage regardless of the kind of participation. Whether recognized as a labour or labelled as entertainment, consumers, end-users, designers or managers, all are non-dissociable from their corresponding productive effects and become immediately the workforce post design. Whether they are made explicit or not, there are no longer fundamental distinctions to be drawn between one form of labour from another.
(draft about design and the stage post design, gon)


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