Formats Of Writing

Flutgraben invites:
Formats and forms of writing rather then writing as a format
A workshop in two parts
Tuesday April 15th 5 – 9:30 pm
Wednesday April 16th 5 – 9:30 pm

h receipts / diaries notes / poems / explanatory texts / budget charts / rapports / novels / modes of theorizing and comparing / law texts / lists
Tuesday 5 – 9:30 pm
Formats and forms of writing

Liv Strand and Marcus Doverud
Since we can not not-write how can the ways in which we do it produce an understanding of how it could be different? We are in the midst of finding ways, in writing, to express what our collaboration has been doing during the last four years, and how it can continue to do, in writing, what the formats of scripture can twist and augment in doing text. Experimenting as we go along with the notions of author's author position and trying to understand functions of we, we-formation i.e. what it takes to mobilize and say we.
Wednesday 5 – 9:30 pm
Inverse Writing

prepared by Sönke Hallmann, Jo Zahn, Inga Zimprich

Looking back at the Inverse Institution workshop last autumn and other occasions of working together at Flutgraben, we would like to ask, which experiences of making text exist in our groups and context and where we meet the demand to fixate our writing in contact with institutions (academia, applications, announcements, scripts, theatre pieces, etc). What moments of texts occur in institutions? Could we invert them to some extend? What mode of writing can we imagine to articulate our desires and politics of writing? Together we'd like to draft an inverted institutional text.

Limited number of participants!
To join, please register by contacting Liv and Marcus, before Monday evening.

Marcus Doverud and Liv Strand have been collaborating for several years in a project that concerns reading as practice. We have also been transposing our accumulated understanding into two staged performance pieces. Through Composition as Explanation (2011) where objects and subjects were informing each other and twice twice (2012) taking interest in immaterial objects presenting concept-objects. We work with different formats in order to be able to create the works in a shared process.

Inverse Institution is the attempt to programmatically question aspects of the art institution in the programming of Flutgraben e.V. In the previous Inverse Institution Workshop and in collaboration with our guests, we hope to examine one institutional aspect after the other, aiming to produce that institution that can accommodate our wishes and needs. Current programming group: Ulrike Jordan, Sönke Hallmann, Lydia Hamann, Naomi Henning, Jo Zahn, Inga Zimprich