Fuck You Im Not Feeling It

Fuck you – I am not feeling it... your version of happiness is really problematic for me.
A feminist-queer evening with films, performances, talks & dance.
Saturday, August 15th 2015, 7pm – 10pm
We – Johanna Gustavsson and Karin Michalski, in collaboration with Flutgraben – would like to invite you to this informal evening in the project space of Flutgraben. We invite you, our collagues, to a conversation about issues relating to the presented work. We hope that our work can offer a starting point for us to discuss, talk and dance together, so – welcome!
We will be screening:
The Alphabet of Feeling Bad (graphic version), by Karin Michalski, Ann Cvetkovich in collaboration with Renate Lorenz 2014 (14:22 min.)
Open letter to a working comrade 1936/2013, by Johanna Gustavsson, Simone Weil and Angel Haze 2014 (13:26 min.)
Monika M., by Karin Michalski 2003 (20 min.)
Screenings will start at 8pm.
Johanna Gustavsson will present a performance specifically made in relation to the video works and with material from her latest novel jag gör vi varje dag (i make us everyday) released in Swedish in 2014.
Wassan Ali will DJ.
The Alphabet of Feeling Bad is based on the idea that terms might be understood as tools that enable us to feel together and thereby to newly negotiate the meaning of feelings and to politicize them in a queer-feminist way. Structures affect us, also on an emotional level. Monika M. features a woman who is claiming that her personal injuries and her living conditions have to be seen in a broader political context. In the film she is performing her reality in its various layers. As is the various I:s in Johanna Gustavssons novel jag gör vi varje dag (i make us everyday), who believes in others and believes in community and solidarity, but becomes completely broken down during a neoliberal era. The seven subjects that make the novels main I give themselves to others, again and again because they have a political conviction in the common while being disgusted by others. In Open letter to a working comrade 1936/2013 Simone Weil articulates the everyday struggles, the practicalities and philosophical implications of solidarity. And through her letter, Weil gives meaning to our struggle – we have presence and importance, we are her comrade. The Alphabet of Feeling Bad suggests that negative feelings are not understood as individual failure or sickness, rather the question is raised of how these could be collectively sensed as “public feelings” but also politicized in the context of neoliberal working conditions and of homophobia, sexism and racism.
Johanna Gustavsson is a guest of Flutgraben e.V. during two weeks in the frame of Inverse Institution.
Inverse Institution
is an attempt to rethink the art institution collectively. Inverse Institution is currently programmed by Janine Eisenächer, Sönke Hallmann, Jo Zahn, Inga Zimprich.


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