Hiatus Gag Gesture

Reading session organised
by Tanja Widmann, Inga Zimprich
and Sönke Hallmann

February 12th
Online (Skype): 5 pm
Kunstraum Lakeside: 7 pm

"If we call 'gesture' what remains unexpressed in each expressive act, we can say that (...) the author is present in the text only as a gesture that makes expression possible precisely by establishing a central emptiness within this expression." In The Author as Gesture, Giorgio Agamben introduces the place of extinction in language, a hiatus, an absence of expression at the ground of each act of speech. The author, who puts himself at play in language not in order to express himself, but to be played out in the realm of gestures, relates to a potential character of life.

In its series Exemplary Readings the Department of Reading pursues Giorgio Agamben's writings with regard to the question, which place language has in Agamben’s ethical thought. With the title Hiatus Gag Gesture the first session of Exemplary Readings invites to read excerpts of Agamben's The Author as Gesture twice: first only online from 5 pm, second at Kunstraum Lakeside, Klagenfurt, as well from 7 pm on. The session, conducted on Skypechat and Wikipage, will be projected in the room, with participants able to enter the reading/writing process either on site (please bring your laptop) or online. Following the session, the practice of the Department of Reading itself will be put up for discussion.

Should you be interested to participate – be it only to follow the chat – we'd like to request your brief response.


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