Hristina Ivanoska

During two weeks in August Hristina Ivanoska has been making use of the watchtower Schlesischer Busch as a place for reflection and contemplation. The edited notes Hristina made during her stay – diary-like observations of what it means to be inside a building overloaded with history and the specific place artists takes in relation to it – will form the backdrop for an informal conversation this Friday from 5 pm.
Please join us for a drink on the watchtower's roof!
Hristina Ivanoska is building her artistic practice on finding ways of individual action against the established roles and norms, defined by the conventional social and political systems. Since 2000 Hristina is collaborating with the artist Yane Calovski. In 2004 they established “press to exit project space” a platform for artistic and curatorial research in Skopje, Macedonia.
Flutgraben e.V. takes care of the programming of the watchtower Schlesischer Busch. At irregular intervals we invite artists, writers and other practitioners to make use of the tower to question politics of representation and processes of history writing. Less geared towards visual presentations these residency periods are used for research and text-production.


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