Impure performatives

Impure performatives – our acts of writing, reading, speaking, playing and performing take place on the conditions of a rehearsal. Acting upon Brian O’Doherty’s script “Structural Play #3” the rehearsal consists of five different spaces: physical a space for performance and writing, online the projection rooms figure and voice as well as a space for literally overwriting O’Doherty’s “Structural Play #3” on paper. The ongoing modifications will be displayed during Impure performatives online and via a projection within the actual performance space.

Impure performatives addresses those fractions of scripting and performing that reveal a moment of indistinguishability. In between play and play, thus in between two forms of playing, an indeterminate space opens up that allows the different practices to assemble towards a texture and to fall apart at the same time. Drawing one into its instable conditions the situation will force to respond again and again. Impure performatives does not perform a given or previously rehearsed condition, but is heading for a permeable production mode, in which rehearsing and staging fall into the same gesture of passage.

Impure performatives will be the second staging of Ongoing propositions under different conditions. The rehearsal will take place on 15 August 2008 at the GfKFB, Berlin, starting at 2pm.