Insert Echoing

Saturday, 1 December, 00:00 (open)
Sunday, 2 December, 24:00 (close)

Host: Paul Gangloff
In order to allow a practice of reading as playing, the space of the discussion will be set up as a chamber that echoes. Readers will throw in excerpts taken from a pool of texts approached by the Department of Reading during the last year, as well as from other sources. That play of echoes will give way to heteroclite arrangements making the readers and the excerpts shift their initial position/intention/meaning into another, tensed by their play within each others. This session will operate non stop during the forty-eight hours of the symposium, to play with different intensities and speeds of reading and writing and from within different constellations of readers and excerpts.
The notion of 'reading as playing' that inspires this session borrows something of the practice of DJ's and actors. DJ as the one not separable from an apparatus and from a set of records, all that constituting an arrangement a machine (Deleuze and Guattari's 'war machine'?) that becomes the musician, letting circulate different voices, different sounds through the machine. As for the actor, it would be the one playing inasmuch as the one who would be played. We would find here again the idea of 'sense that shares bodies' proposed by Jean-Luc Nancy in 'l'Intrus'. How then could this two practice encounter each other, and affect the realm of reading, and how does reading affects them? I wish to have the ability of a DJ constituting a set of records, not putting them completely together, but finding the materials to play.


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