The Department of Reading would like to invite you to the Symposium for Readers to take place on 1/2 December 2007 online as well as physically in the space of the GfKFB, Berlin.
The Symposium for Readers understands itself as an intervention into the discourse on reading as well as the set of conditions, through which this discourse becomes actual and effective. The Symposium for Readers invites theorists, artists, performers, designers and programmers to address such questions as:
How to theorise on the very gesture that reading is? What about the discrete, but insistent gestures of reading itself? How to affirm and intensify the repetitive, but also performative mode of reading, the disposition of readers to interfere with the actual body of the text? What spatial concept does a reading practice require that at the very moment it takes place already has entered the realm of writing? Are reading and writing just modalities of a contingent relation? What about the affective as well as intellectual labour that reading takes? How to conceive of this labour in the framework of gender and technology? What are the technologies of reading alike nowadays? What impact do these technologies have on the process of reading, its temporality in particular? What is the time of reading? How to extend or even contract the time that reading takes? Where do we locate the economy of reading in contemporary production and property regimes? What are the political effects of such an economy of reading? What usage, habit or custom is with reading at our disposal?
The Department of Reading is an initiative by Sönke Hallmann and was founded in 2006 together with other researchers from the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht, the Netherlands
Concept and moderation of the Symposium for Readers: Sönke Hallmann and Inga Zimprich


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