invisible theatre

can we (and should we at all) adapt, translate and apply experiences and methods from Augusto Boal's Invisible Theatre to the marked space of an art institution: spontaneity, direct action, production of situation, openess of script (though abandoning any expertness of improvisation to manage unexpected situations) and towards any interruption of the scene------> current topic

------> develop script together

------> actors act as if being on stage (invisible stage)

------> main characters need to leave, abandon the scene to give space for discussion in between witnessing audience (some actors are part of audience, though being invisbile as actors)
what could it ask of us to introduce this particular kind of disinterest in framing to the realm of an art institution

------> conventional markers are suspended, situation of acting is less protected (being put at stake)
constitutive for didactics: subject matter being appropriable, being matter of repetition

distribution of attentiveness (facing whom?)

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