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Karl Larsson Readings from Form/Force and Parrot
Followed by drinks and a Q&A discussion
April 14th, 7pm The Reading Room, Flutgraben e.V., Am Flutgraben 3, 12435 Berlin

Artist, writer and poet Karl Larsson (Sweden) presents a series of readings in English, Swedish and German from his publications Form/Force and Parrot.
Form/Force compiles a series of essayistic studies on various cultural, contemporary historical, and political events, including the destruction of the gigantic Buddhas in Bamiyan by the Taliban, secret writings from the 'German Autumn' period, and statements by singer Ian Curtis of the band Joy Division. The publication is formulated as poetry, with entries that alternate in languages, and which operate in the manner of a stream of consciousness, with Larsson reproducing perceptions, thoughts, and reflections of the events and subjects. The publication Parrot expresses Larsson's own continuing artistic dialogue with, and analysis of, the writing and work of Marcel Broodthaers. His strategy of inhabiting the animist role of the parrot, reflects Larsson's conception of the entity of the book as a form that can harbour, generate, and repeat poetic statements - echoing and maintaining the languages, forms and concepts of all that had existed before it.
A core element of Larssons practice is concerned with ongoing conversations between poetry and sculpture, between form and storytelling. Of central interest to him also is the concept of the 'paratext' which he comprehends both in the non-narrative minutiae of the publication (the publishers information, the page numbers), and in the anecdote that arises when the initial purpose of a narrative, action or event has gone awry.
The Reading Room is a project based in private spaces in Berlin, with the aim to maintain, archive and represent products of contemporary art practices evolving within printed and published formats. The project presents a curated selection of over 60 artist's publications (books, zines, magazines and newspapers) and related projects (such as fold-out posters or published audio projects), from a range of internationally based artists, both established and emerging.
At Flutgraben e.V., The Reading Room is situated within a specially-constructed space in the studio complex for a period of four months, available for use by the artists of Flutgraben and outside visitors every Wednesday (11 - 17.00), and also by special appointment at all other times (request per e-mail).
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