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Yurij referred to this work as a stutter. Drawing by Anufriev, from Guelman Archive

V. B.: And how did the work "I will see" appear? L.V.: It is a big folder together with Sergey Anufriev, 54 sheets. It appeared out of joint work, from "Mirror Games" I gave my impressions about Sergey's work. I looked and said something like: "It is nice to see S. Anufriev work", or "my heart sings when S. Anufriev takes the brush". He paints and writes this. To continue the series there was a cycle "I will see" where I told him: "I will see this", "I will see that" and he painted. I made sketches, texts and he drew and painted in his style, in a very careful way. Most part of it, 24 sheets are in New York, 30 sheets Sobolev has, 1 sheet belongs to Rochal, where "I will see the tide of feeling contemplating art", to the motive of the wave by Hokusai, where there is a man bias the sheet and the wave move on his body, the rose one as his body but the body is being deformed, morphing.

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