25.09.11 10:58 But interpretator is the most important in this case - different interpretators may make different ideas about what happend
25.09.11 10:59 yes, totally. it is a question of re-narrating
25.09.11 10:59 We choose the detiles. But we choose from the existing list of detiles
25.09.11 10:59 but we also make a list
25.09.11 11:02 and each person who narrates a story ... here is an idea - having several people narrate the same event, it could be some of us, it could also be the memory of someone present in the event (via printed interview or text or current recorded interview)
25.09.11 11:03 you (to AZ) become a carrier. and this ukr history is dispersed among a small group of living carriers right now. and it's interesting how the stories keep dispersing...

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