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To send a comment to Skype, simply place it in "french quotes", like Hey what's happening in the chat?, cool no?
(And more with the dreaded smart quotes, ‘living culture’.
More potential problems: This session proposes to excavate the determinations of time and labour in the practices of reading, of research, of writing and of distribution as moments of a ‘living culture’ with discernible political effects. Reading when no longer circumscribed by the methodologies and ideologies of a textual substrate, but as one modality of a contingent relation, itself riven by contingency, between perceiving and acting in culture, an actual indistinction between consuming and producing. Social media lays claim to this in an attempt to foment a media socialism. But it disregards the materiality of alienation. If language is a virus, how is it possible to at once situate and extend reading as production of resistance? An economy of reading as an economy of affects tending towards dissolution, or to re-composition elsewhere – where do we locate this economy in production, in property regimes and in the articulation of being-other with being-together?


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