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B:look this is one of the images form open society publications we found in sofia

A: who are these peolple on the picture?

B: I think these were people working for the open society in the nineties, not necessarily even people from Bulgaria, we just found many of the Open Society publications, which I think were for the international Soros network

A: I don't understand now why we speak about Bulgaria, sorry

B: new publicity could relate to this new standart. so the question is of course: who is the public in this new understanding and how did Open Society think about making this public
i was thinking in relation to professionalism and new role of the artist and the public.
i am quite sure cca kiev had these publications as well

Gesendet am Dienstag um 11:20 Uhr

B: where could we find images of "Space of Cultural revolution"?

A: so people from Ukrainian soros were also there?

Gesendet am Dienstag um 11:21 Uhr

B: the scca's were small parts of a bigger social program of soros to bild "open society's" according to the philosophy of Karl(?) Popper. With funding for social programs in countries of transition. cca's were only a small fraction of cultural projects, but they were in an international network of all soros centers for contemporary art in eastern europe. it is interesting because this time established nearly all NGO's. the lesson was: if you write projects that fit our aims and ideology (working with women, children, etc, for democratisation) you can get funding from soros. these publications are about how many people work for it and the images are very interesting I think because they illustrate the mindset and the people.

I don't want to focus on the cca's only, but i think as an influence when the idea of the public changed, they are very interesting examples with their background

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