Ongoing propositions under different conditions

Ongoing propositions under different conditions takes place as a series of rehearsal sessions – in the sense of the French expression "répétition". Each staging of this series revolves around processes of scripting and performance, and combines these processes within a practice that remains in abeyance.

Ongoing propositions under different conditions will host several stagings in different places. Its set-up assembles a group of personally invited guests, coming from the fields of dance, theory, theatre, visual arts and writing. The stagings aim to perform material by means of scripting, demonstrating and playing with as well as within the very material itself. The participants are invited to enter a temporally and spatially choreographed stage. Through the digital modules of the Department of Reading they are allowed to display the material differently as much as they will found themselves situated in a collective writing process. The physical set-up offers an adjacent space for appropriating and performing gestures from these transient scripts. Each staging takes place as a continuous rehearsal process over a period of two or three days.

Ongoing propositions under different conditions is a collaboration between
Achim Lengerer and Sönke Hallmann.

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