--------------------I I green
------------------and I just for
-------------I am so purple half in half out
---------not really there anymore, but don't want to leave either
They\\ were consuming\\ their own gestures\\ of consumption \\and \\therewith their manner \\being active \\;this commodified play, both, the ideal \\late\\ capitalist machine based on

social interaction\\,\\ play and cultural simulation, as well as the ideal socials laboratory based on social interaction,play and cultural simulation. But within repetition resides Abrasion of language, of semantics in favour of sound, for instance. We thought of those freaks from movieslike Toy Story, those assembled creatures, no longer\\ or\\ \\not yet capable\\ of speech, and the moment in which they expose themselves \\as being alive
to search for the value\\\in unpredictable behavior, particulary in collective activity

can transgress into something else, but how can that affect the consumption itself?

objectives with words in terms of meaning

completely structural
using purple terms of meaning and using them in such a way that they are blue. How can one make blue words? What does blue mean anyways? but that distinction between using blue and using any other kind of blue. Like sky-blue or sea-blue or water blue or bed sheet blue or dark blue or blue velvet or puddle blue which usually is not blue who could draw it when one writes? I mean the background blue or the desktop blue or the bright Skype blue, the UN blue to name just a few. How can one for instance perform violet? in such a way that they are played out
playwith condition freed behavior reproducesand mimics forms from which it has been emancipated communication with thingsmodels of things just thingsnot really a right shape situated on the threshold of perception not oriented toward a movement not reduceable to a meaning strange rather than estranging without a moral
There is
a no-heli-
copter in my
story. A not-
helicopter. It
is a not airplane.
My helicopter is in it.
The helicopter goes up to
the sky. Then crash! This he-
licopter. Crash! Then I fix it.
A not-airplane story.
----------------------Lostin playing

--------------------------------the child enters acommunication with the things surrounding it

-------that as such remains inimitable.But the


that comes along with playing can be applied

to the matter of reading


Captivated and distracted at once an haptic as well as mimetic aspect might become appearent that inherent to play Bound to aspects of adjacency, luck and instantaneousness it aims at the point where objects are turned into toys and practice becomes playing.on the on thethreshold of perception