paper toy

turning objects into language
REPETITION circles and circles
and circles dreaming upon models
of things that have names being
nostalgic about playing being
nostalgic about spontaneity.
Make a note: playing is not a
practice as such, but another
use of an existing practice,
never to be addressed as a di-
scipline, rather bound to aspects
of adjacency, luck and instanta-
neousness turning language into
Aside to
the cus-
tomary use
an unformed
gesture? Even if
playing brings forth
habits and customary
practices, can in each habit
be found a rest of playing? it
will look green, it will look green,
it will look green, it will look green,
it will look green, it will look green, it
will look green, it will look green, it will
look green, it will look green, it will look
green, it will look green, it will look green, it
will look green, it will look green, it will look gr
een, it will look green But being without time also
means to be out of time? What use and what experience of time?
forms of activity
As everything has become a matter of playing, there is only a movement,
a transformation and playing turns out to be a passage that relives
all things from their given use and then releases them without
being bound to any there is always someone asleep and someone
awake someone dreaming asleep and someone dreaming awake some-
one eating someone hungry someone making money someone
broke someone traveling someone staying put someone
helping someone hindering someone enjoying someone
suffering someone starting someone stopping fun-
ctionalism eliminating playing, as there is a
shift in function, actually the function
comes in play; the creation of a new use
is possible only be deactivating an old
use, rendering it inoperative; the
only progressive way out is to
liberate the tendency towards
play elsewhere, not ori-
ented toward a movement
but a repetition: ci-
rcles and circles
and circles, and
circles, re-
storing by


----------They were consuming their own gestures of consumption and
---------therewith their manner of being active; this commodified
--------play, both, the ideal late capitalist machine based on so-
-------cial interaction, play and cultural simulation, as well as
------the ideal social laboratory based on social interaction,
-----play and cultural simulation. But within repetition resides
----abrasion. Abrasion of language, of semantics in favour of
---sound, for instance. We thought of those freaks from movies
--like Toy Story, those assembled creatures, no longer or not
-yet capable of speech, and the moment in which they expose
themselves as being alive.

--------------------with con-
------------------dition/ freed
----------------behavior reproduces
--------------and mimics forms from
------------which it has been emancipated
----------/ communication with things /
--------models of things / just things /
------not really a right shape / situated
----on the threshold of perception / not ori-
--ented toward a movement / not reduceable
to a meaning / strange rather than estranging /
without a moral
There is
a no-heli-
copter in my
story. A not-
helicopter. It
is a not airplane.
My helicopter is in it.
The helicopter goes up to
the sky. Then crash! This he-
licopter. Crash! Then I fix it.
A not-airplane story.
The knowledge of the little child, who sees and hears at random,
-compares and guesses by chance and repeats by routine, without
--understanding the reason for the effects that she or he ob-
---serves and reproduces: dreaming upon models of things that
----have names and constructing forms that hardly access the
-----status of construction, toys that remain just things
------that roll or walk. All of a sudden, a car, a fire-
-------arm, or a legal contract becomes a toy.
------------------I looked at the pictures, thin-
---------king of a gesture while you actually
----------turned out to be blind facing all
-----------these conditions.This summarizing
------------gesture of playing that lingers
-------------within repetition.I was dream-
--------------ing upon a repetition summa-
---------------rizing,drawing together
----------------things, words and beha-
-----------------viors as gestures them-
------------------selves, within an
-------------------act of negligence,
--------------------the dispersion
---------------------by touch,