Performance FOR NO audience

On an empty stage a single performer is facing the vacant rows of an absent audience: to whom to talk to, who would possibly listen, act, react? YOU/ME/WE. The doors remain closed, the performer will not allow any audience to enter. The experience of listening to one's own blood, breath, and imagining one's own gestures: how do I look like? Reading some lines out aloud. Installing basics such as light, screen, spacing of the stage, sounds, some props. Moving into the space of the audience.

Performance FOR NO audience, the third staging of Ongoing propositions under different conditions, consists of a physical space for performance on stage and an online space for writing. The rehearsal takes place as the very moment at which these different spaces coincide and their determinant conditions tend to collapse. Fortunate in time their reciprocal suspension might allow for another space of playing to appear.

Ongoing propositions under different conditions does not aim to perform a given or previously rehearsed condition, script or performance, but is heading for a production mode in which rehearsing, writing and staging fall into the same gesture. Performance FOR NO audience will take place on 5 November 2008 at Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, 41 rue Lécuyer, 93300 Paris-Aubervilliers (FR), between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.