Performing Texture

Sunday, 2 December, 12:00 - 19:00
This session is limited to a maximum of 15 active participants at the same time.

Host: Karolin Meunier
Reading, rereading, respeaking, copying, and appropriating texts by performing them as a kind of textual echo this session will be a collective textual performance, examining the mechanisms of reading through reacting on the text and its modifications.
The reading will address a visual essay by Mary Kelly. The format of this particular session asks you to intervene with the given textual body directly by rearranging its actual structure on a graphical level, by adding comments, accentuations, blanks etc. or by reformulating the text itself. Different stages of this process will occur in different versions of the text and become the matter of further readings. Thus we aim to develop a practice of reading, which can be called performative, and which will be infected by this specific essay. The session will enable both a collective as well as a solitary mode of reading.

"Circa 1968" was first shown at the Whitney Biennal in New York, 2004. The pictures are taken from the catalogue A.C.A.D.E.M.Y, Ed. Angelika Nollert et al., Frankfurt am Main, 2006, P. 104-105

Please download the PDF below to see the original pages of the book.

Circa 1968, image

Circa 1968, parts 1-4
Circa 1968, parts 1-4 II
Circa 1968, parts 1-4 III
Circa 1968, parts 1-4 IV
Circa 1968, parts 5-8
Circa 1968, parts 5-8 II
Circa 1968, parts 5-8 III
Circa 1968, parts 5-8 IV

Circa 1968, drawing


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