personal histories

I am interested in personal destinies which are forming the history of art. How they are transforming with influence of new standards, public view, how they became public. how there life became performative (I meant that some people's practice is forming the history, of cause it is everywhere like this. But when not a lot of people inside the process, like in our country, it's became more visible than in western countries. So we may read the history through some person's life and deeds. For example Solovievs life. Ore even Sidorenko, who build institution on his person interest. So we may understand situation if will look how the decisions were made by person. that there appears a more visible relation between personal life and history, cause of a smaller number of people being involved - I think, Kafka wrote, that this also can be a reason, why every gesture can be a matter of politics, when it comes to small numbers

and what influence on a situation, on personal story on history. I am very interested in influence as such, maybe because my own history is very much about things which influence me.


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