playing practice

playing practice suggests a space where text becomes a matter of playing and playing a practice that allows for reading and writing to coincide. By simple means fragments of text can be quoted, edited, moved, exchanged, reworked, replaced and rewritten. The series invites to discuss the matter of playing and in that each session allows for different figures to appear through modes of playing with the textual fragments that come forth from these discussions.

playing practice is a collaboration
between Magda Tyzlik-Carver, Paul Gangloff and Sönke Hallmann.
As a continuation of playing practice the session on November 1 departed from seven textual fragments, in numbered sections. In their shape these fragments reminded of a tangram.

With turning language into objects this series has been hosted at the Agency for Small Claims in Columbus, Ohio.

The previous session was aiming at a space where text could become a matter of playing and playing a practice that would allow for reading and writing to coincide.

The initial session took place on 2 September 2008 in the framework of (IN)visible networks.This session did not depart from a given text, a particular artworld, or a specific curatorial model, but started as an attempt to introduce a common thread between three projects by inviting its readers to interfere with this introduction - to comment, discuss and unfold their implied questions. A first recapitulation of this session can be found here.