Publishing Impulse/Michael Murtaugh

Publishing Impulse: A conversation
with Michael Murtaugh on Active Archives

We would like to invite you to an informal
morning talk this Saturday, 27th of July at
11am in the project space of Flutgraben,
with programmer Michael Murtaugh.

Michael is engaged in Active Archives, a project
initiated in 2006 by Constant in Brussels.
Active Archives deals with questions of platforms
and tools specific to the practices of cultural
institutions. One particular example is the video wiki,
a system for annotating video with text and images as
a way to gather and combine materials potentially

We would like, after a brief presentation of Michaels
work, to engage with questions stemming from your
practices as well as regarding Inverse Institution the
programmatic reworking of an institution that we attempt
to gradually carry out at Flutgraben. How could an
institution relate to its heaps of data, recorded
conversations and correspondances? How can it follow
its impulse to publish? How could a larger group of
participants relate to and edit this data together?

the meetings transcript

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