Rashkovetsky - Bourriaud

Mihailo Rashkovetsky
Contemporary Art for Ukraine and Odessa


In the beginning of 2003, Mr. Pinchuk and Mr. Gelman gathered about three-dozen artists, art critics, curators and gallery people in Kiev, to consult on how to make The Museum of Contemporary art for Ukraine. I was invited as well, but I was sitting there as quiet as a mouse, because at that time I had been working for two years with the History Museum of Odessa’s Jewish community, and not with contemporary art. I did not even mention anything concerning the title, although I would have preferred “The Ukraine Museum of Contemporary Art”, as long as it was indeed ‘for Ukraine’. I stood up only once, when Nicolas Bourriaud started to discuss in an animated fashion the intention of some advisors to give a special attention to the future collection of the Museum to Ukrainian artists. Bourriaud felt indignation and began to warn everyone with the dangers of ‘ghetto-izing’ Ukrainian art, if such a path of collecting the ‘local’ was pursued. I then asked the famous French curator how many contemporary art museums there were in France? “About 200, but what does it have to do with France?” Bourriaud, most likely, knows more than I do about contemporary art, but, what does he know about the ghetto?

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