Sadness And Technology

Saturday, 1 December, 20:00 - 24:00

Host: Tim Stüttgen
In “Nuisance”, the essay of Terre Thaemlitz, s/he introduces arguments for a pessimistic position in a framework of gender and technology that is often shaped by a neo-liberalist myth of progression. Following the arguments of the author, we want to open a double-movement that at the same time takes account of Thaemlitz’s critique but also looks at various interfaces between technology and sexuality from a wider scope, as behind the perspective of “Nuisance” lies not a conservative humanist position but a post- humanistic doubt.
How can the tears of this doubt shape an idea of a relationality of reading that asks for a different community to come?
As an experimental setting this session attempts to draw a line from the labour of reading, which is effective in the identification of gendered bodies, towards a machinic concatenation. The session invites to speculate on a time-space, which has to be questioned in relation to the electronic technologies that are at issue with the Department of Reading. Then, in as much this time-space seems to be shaped by a deep sadness, we would like to ask again if the custom of reading that is at stake within the gender discourse implies an encounter of this post-human melancholy.


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