script 1

Confirming our presence arriving from a field of pixels. h+m
zero to one=two 01=2 un1 to un
the point is a struggle with intention. the urls point and the voice fails to speak.
there is a spatial disjunct that text crosses over, crosses through. the struggle is without.
there is nothing in the Voice space. is it a room? the pointing points into a void between the performers. we are missing something, but it causes a nice vortex in the middle of this conversation, like K's god.
Framing space "italics" choreographs "italics" space.
Recent link is a 404 error. You are drawing farther away. Or, the stage is shrinking.
Unrepresentable Space is named Ease.
Observing this conversation, we think we sense a desire to Not appear, a kind of submissive desire, to perhaps become the verb (through the back door) of a sentence rather than the subject. We will say that another way.
YOU (Ihr) want to be closer to the predicate: an ambiance of predication.
Because the technology isn't working we have an ethical dilemma: we cannot see your posts or notes to the side of your conversation. We only sense an invisible correspondence between you (what part of the conversation is this?) Do we interrupt to try to see this part? Or do we allow it to remain invisible, skype taking centre stage (without props, or body-guards)?
there is a kind of patch-work, a gluing together of texts that are foggy in our memory. these are images not quite coming into clarity, they divulge an almost meaning and move along.
we would have to mime along to perform these texts.
there's something Beckett going on too. to add to the pointing and gluing. is a point a cut?
we also see that we cannot observe without influencing the situation. although as it is as yet unread, the train is rolling along unheeded.
Derrida has become a 404 error.
ahh, the space of the images is flat... it works beautifully this collapse. the lines adhere though, we read them as adhering and proposing something linear. they are bound to mimic here. it is tape, afterall.
the computer sits here mocking my anticipation. the trees are laughing too. they hide their secret of being. we wait.
half of the words point exactly where they need to, the other half wonder how they could possibly point exactly where they do. properly improper.
"the most difficult task is the free use of the proper" Giorgio paraphrasing Hoelderlin, paraphrased by us...
every technical error roars like thunder!
is this a kind of speech that always splits itself? Is this similar to the splitting of the speaking subject? is it a desire to hold this splitting together?
what if lines only look like they intersect? do they have to be fated to do so?
Summary lists and 6 challenges:
verbs: to continue to go on(e) to interrupt to pause to follow to wait to handel to note to handle to mistake handeln to act to appear (challenge: to replace verbs with other verbs alongside verbs)
words on the side: really by the way kind of guess (challenge: use more alongside words)
furniture: []{}/\()| ___- ... ,.;: ??? "" '' (challenge: use furniture like language)
guest appearances: Kafka Benjamin Derrida 404 error Beckett Morris (challenge: to replace guests with guests alongside guests.)
mathematics: 0 to 1 equals 2 to intersect, two lines must share a number (and must share the quality "mathematics" in the first place). (challenge: an unsolvable equation)
Set: a mirror tape camera desk chair computer tri-pod (challenge: to replace the set with objects alongside the set.)
An Example: what it seems, it is.