script 2

How to think about space when we are been inmmersed in its dephtness by bits and sounds? the proper measure of this space is more connected to a brain. I mean by brain a hiatus delivered by the figure of that mirror invoked. Is it a mirror that is presented like a screen?
I would like to add some figures this rehearsal: the perplexed espectator and the staged philosophy. Or rather i prefer to quote the "Philosophy at the boudoir" Thinking in mirrors and rehearsals....Could be the performative way of philosophy describe its trasmission beyond the didactical movement of thinking inside the box?
To lean and relax on the sofa of the discourse. The crazy dicourse staged. Why we pretend to stage philosophical discourses? Those figures took from geometry and also from topology remain doubtful in the poltical drama.
Interesting: this quotation about a gesture. I mean, the gesture remains a very powerful figure inside this rehearsal but , when you crossed the line of the signs, you are in a very inappropiate territory. Why trust in these signs activated by gestures? Is this way leading us to the explorer that discovered in some faraway bushes the strenght of the indigenous gestures?
Oh now, i see. stage is indigested with how to make a script when things left on stage are too alegorical....and allegories are perplexed objects from a very unknwon past. Probably these objects let us think of categories such space, where things are related in its measures and dephtness. And the art of drawing lead us to think about the handcraft. The hand craft that embodies the fails and failing pictures, failed uploads.
Now we are looking these gestures, these gestures that are trying to do the special job of trynig to make the close reading that carries us far away. Close reading implies far away categories? The repetition and the difference. Such are the clues to read. And reading like the sexual gestures milimetrically displayed in the boudoir, is the hint for inclusivenesss. The world in itslef pretends to be on stage.
This acrobatric gestures of the reading, reading and staging of the critical nonsense. How to stage a critical nonsense? ask beckett. How to make close reading on philosophical discourses and drawing a space of geometricla figures? ask derrida. But also ask these people who are staging these geometrical drama. Going beyond the sign of the zero to a completed circle of emptiness. Is this stage of philosophical enquiries empty? not at all. there is a drama going on there, and not an allegorical one.
The coincidence of what is staged its synchronization....I dont agree with that. There is a delay or in a more appropiated way, is not about the word. Is about the glocal knowledge of discourses. thats why i talked about the explorer that travels into the signs of what is unknown for him. This connection implies more things where we are agreeing more that can we say. The logos? oh is just another fade. The connection of contents trough the network is what is happening now. Do somebody know about the first conversation that was done in the submarine wire that crossed the atlantic? An economical discourse about the gestures , I think. We are looking at it right now. An economical discourse on how gestures are born, and are born online, in real time. how can we measure them? can we read them as statistics? or bytes? or packets send between two points? is this a way to superpose world and philosophy?
this could be a political drama. when can we realize a rehearsal is overload and cannot reach a dramatic point at the same time? I think overload is an archive that stages which ancient the discourses are. we are overload or the speed of trasmission is so much slow? categories are the gear box of philosophy.