script 4

Grunewald: a wood near Berlin
In Berlin just now I saw an exhibition of drawings by Mattias Gruenewald. The fingers are important. It is almost as if each digit is a morpheme and only the hand a sentence. Perhaps the pinky finger, visibly independent -- almost dislocated -- is a commentary. Hardly a full stop, possibly the gesture which seals the letter and posts it on a curved trajectory. Two hands could make a conversation or a dialectic.
This is supposed to be an unknown saint.
This is supposed to be a saint in a wood.
Now he is in the Kupferstichkabinett.
But he's not copper, not a stitch. Not really in a wooden cabinet. Maybe a knot (stich). With knotted hands. (The famous crucifix also has knotted feet.) Here, one foot turns into knotted roots of a tree while the other walks away.
The hands look as if they agree with one another.
The dialectic of hands can soon become a dispute. I remember a fragment of Kafka's when the two hands start a fight and force the author to be the referee -- that is to say, to be even handed -- though the contest was never fair.