CLUSTER [kollektiv]

CLUSTER [kollektiv] presents WACH:TURM

A site-specific performance in the watchtower of Schlesischer Busch, Puschkinallee, Treptow, Berlin; within the Watchtower Residency Programme Right Now, Not Yet, No Longer.

With Gabriela Aldrete, Malte Beisenherz, Sebastian Hau-Walker and Jacob Woods.

PERFORMANCES: 24. / 25. / 26. July 2011 at 7pm / 8pm / 9pm

To reserve a place for a performance please send your name along with the date and time of the particular performance. Audiences are limited to 5 persons per performance.
Developed out of a two-week long residency curated by Flutgraben e.V. CLUSTER [kollektiv] will present their latest group performance: WACH:TURM. Enter from your own time, our now, your time no longer, our time not yet : to awake the watchtower …
From the seemingly grey dead air inside, the signals of the past wave past us, collective history is transmitted from deep below and high above, inside out-side in. Our performance seeks not to repeat or re-enact the work of the border guards, but to re-interpret, re-write and re-imagine through re-performing the lives of these individuals working on the edges of a divided society. Our performance prozeß is a performance of process : Of transforming conventional images, and historicized metaphors associated, assumed and expected with die Berliner Mauer, into Our own [kollektiv] linguistic figures, into our own performance-language, into what W. Benjamin called 'moments of awakening'. Our performance explores their inner boredom masked by constant vigilance, and all inside the hive mind of the tower growing, hoping, awakening to a new world beyond the barriers surrounding us all inside the surveillance of the city …
CLUSTER [kollektiv] are a contemporary performance group who accept everyone and anyone into their intense project-based cross-disciplinary collaborative process towards making performances for audiences locally and internationally. How can a diverse group of artistic individuals collaborate with limited commitment on cutting-edge projects? CLUSTER [kollektiv] explore precisely this: Join us!
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