Shapeless script

Shapeless script will be the first staging of a series of rehearsal sessions working towards and within a scripting and writing process that remains in abeyance. Without end will be our script: boundless it's body, scale-less it's shape and useless it's function. Script without end, but limited in the realm of the real. This staging aims to perform material by scripting, demonstrating and playing with and inside the very material via a continuous rehearsal process. Carrying out the material again and again. Stepping in/out/off.
We will start with a two-day staging session, May the 19th and May the 20th, at PACT. Materials will include this time: texts by Giorgio Agamben, Walter Benjamin, Hélène Cixous, Jacques Derrida, Franz Kafka, Francis Ponge; films by Andreas Veiel. Guests and co-operators will be Anthony Auerbach, Mauricio Corbalan (m7red), Hadley + Maxwell as well as Christoph Benjamin Schulz.