Some Difficulties With Postmodernism

Writing under conditions in which a consciousness of the asocial character of writing can no longer be repressed. Even being gifted is a privilege; privileges have their price: contributing to one’s own expropriation is one of the criteria for being gifted.
So long as freedom is rooted in violence and the practice of art in privileges, works of art will tend to be prisons; the great works, accomplices of power. The major writings of the century work toward the liquidation of their autonomy (autonomy = product of incest with private property), toward expropriation and finally disappearance of the author.
Literature participates in history by participating in the motion of language, evident first in slang and not on paper. In this sense literature is an affair of the people and the illiterate are the hope of literature. Work toward the disappearance of the author is resistance against the disappearance of humankind.


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