Speech Practice

Cold Reading
Speech Practice: Cold Reading consists of a stage for one reader and a shared online space for two writers.

Speech Practice: Cold Reading is the first of several stagings that will take place throughout 2009 and 2010, and for the first time at Casco, office for art and design, Utrecht, NL. The series is dedicated to the simultaneous performance of reading, writing and speech within a rehearsal situation. Speech Practice aims at a textual structure that comes apart and thereby addresses the place of the voice internal to it. The first staging, entitled Cold Reading, refers to a term that derives from the field of theatre, film and movies and denotes a reading aloud from a script or text without any rehearsal, practice or study in advance.

Speech Practice: Cold Reading takes place on Saturday, 28 March 2009, 17.00-21.00 hoursin the framework of The Antagonistic Link in conjunction with The Demon of Comparisons by Electric Palm Tree at Casco, Utrecht, and SMBA (Bureau Stedelijk), Amsterdam, NL, and online at the Department of Reading.

Speech Practice is part of the writing and performance project Ongoing propositions under different conditions by Sönke Hallmann and Achim Lengerer.