that his own responses to his voice are incorporated into the performance - imagining a lung around the thigh bone
i don't think i ever heard michael breathing (but i do hear the dancers breathing here!). i heard ingrid`s breathing early on today.
the control of the failure
natural sound
his dancing never left the trace of bodily work, it is pure representation of dance as an image
balancing slowly on one foot letting the song moving up and down his spine. like a S wandering through the body, his toes are dancing on the ground. the fingers grasping into the air to get a hold on: what? mirroring his toes, maybe?
his S transforms in any direction and not just up an down the spine, also bending to the left, bending to the right, twisting at the hips and the ankles
Opening something or leaving it
a movement exercised daily by the body unconciously
Control, trying to reach the control or at least getting the feeling of it, by the failure
Here they become flash or video flash. And now amongst all these appearances Michael Jackson makes the appearances of appearances because it is the impossibility of appearance.

He can not speak because people scream, he cannot reach out because people would just tir him apart
I was trying to think an image of the voice, or rather any voice. Maybe in this way bringing this voice to language. What kind of image? How does it come about? Would that as well ask to whom this voice belongs? Its articulation as falling into time.