Speech Practice

Suspended Collapse

Speech Practice: Suspended Collapse is located within a situation that constantly sets aside any reference applied to it. Yet, pushing for a collapse of the given situation this rehearsal speculates on a brief suspension that allows for the appearance of a gap within language itself.

Speech Practice: Suspended Collapse is a rehearsal for one reader and two writers. Hosted by acting from zero at the GfKFB am Flutgraben, Berlin, it will be displayed at the same time in the showroom Scriptings at Korjespoorsteeg 9/12, Amsterdam.

Speech Practice: Suspended Collapse takes place on Wednesday, 1 July, 14.00-22.00 hours. You can attend the rehearsal online at the Department of Reading and at Scriptings at Korjespoorsteeg 9/12.

Speech Practice is part of the project Ongoing propositions under different conditions by Sönke Hallmann and Achim Lengerer. The series is dedicated to the simultaneous performance of reading, writing and speech within a rehearsal situation. This rehearsal takes place with the participation of Inga Zimprich.

"... the whole edifice toppled towards the street and would have crashed down into it had not its slow fall been met by that of the house opposite ..."
Heinrich von Kleist, The Earthquake in Chile