Braces with other writers

vielleicht auch fragen, was denn solche Figuren wären, und wie man die einführt als eine art Schanier der Texte selbst
die würde ich durch das lesen einsammeln wollen.

For instance, I am thinking of Walter Benjamin's reading here.

21:12:05 ich brauch da ein fragiles netz in dem ich mir das denke
gerade so aber kann sich das denken auch eigenständig und entlang des textes noch mitbewegen als vorschlag

so dass man so wie man von uns auf andere und zurück schaltet auch aus den figuren heraus wieder zum agamben lesen schaltet, man könnte ja behaupten diese figuren seien selbst bestimmte mittel des lesens.
artur und jeremias zum beispiel

On February 22, 1969, Michel Foucault presented the lecture "What Is an Author?"(1) to the members and guests of the Société Française de Philosophie. Three years earlier, the publication of The Order of Things (That could introduce another of text here as well) had made him a celebrity. In the audience (which included Jean Wahl, who introduced the lecture, "Maurice de Gandillac", " Lucien Goldmann", and "Jacques Lacan"), it was easy to confuse fashionable curiosity with excitement about the topic to be discussed. Foucault began his lecture with a quote from Samuel Beckett ("What matter who's speaking, someone said what matter who's speaking") (within this a shift)(2) as a way to formulate an indifference toward the author that would serve as the basis of all ethics of contemporary writing. What is in question in writing, Foucault suggested, is not so much the expression of a subject as the opening of a space in which the writing subject does not cease to disappear: "The trace of the writer is found only in the singularity of his absence?"(3)
But in its very enunciation the Beckett quote contains a contradiction that seems ironically to evoke the secret theme of the lecture. (
"What matter who's speaking, someone said what matter who's speaking." (
There is thus someone who, while remaining anonymous and faceless, proffered this statement, someone without whom the thesis denying the importance of the one who speaks could not have been formulated. The same gesture that deprives the identity of the author of all relevance nevertheless affirms his irreducible necessity.