This is a sample page for technical Hello, this is a "test"ing.
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The and now we test with "Department of Reading" more text. is an online-based project displayed in different spatial configurations and designed to promote new forms of reading. The Department of Reading suggests a use of texts linked to questions concerning the notion of community. Within a playful gesture the Department of Reading facilitates a common use of text that allows for the indirectness of reading, the machinic aspect of technology and their different temporalities to coincide. The Department of Reading actualises a space of and within communication that is not limited to the production of discourse, but allows for other forms of intervention and encounter. Within its online sessions the Department of Reading assembles ( I comment on the text "Within its online sessions the Department of Reading assembles", and so.), specifies and performs different modes of reading each with their own temporality and degree of publicness. In order to participate in a reading session of the Department of Reading, and now "all you need is an account on Skype" becomes all you need is an IRC client and a connection to the Internet for the time of each session (contact).
Strange "Even being gifted is a privilege" Testing with accents; privileges have their price: contributing to one’s own expropriation is one of the criteria for being gifted./ The major writings of the century work toward the liquidation of their autonomy (autonomy = product of incest with private property), toward expropriation and finally disappearance of the author. / Literature participates in history by participating in the Another test. "motion of language" élevé, evident first in slang and not on paper. In this sense literature is an affair of the people and the illiterate are the hope of literature. / It is not oriented toward a movement (praxis), it is not reduceable to a meaning, it is strange rather than estranging, without a moral. / In a text about Elizabethan literature, Gertrude Stein locates its power in the rapid change of meaning in language. / Meaning change is the barometer of the pressure of experience. “The pressure of experience forces language into poetry” (Elliot). / What is left: solitary texts, waiting for history. And Sönke Hallman (If I make now a commment about "Sönke Hallman", will that work as well?), one two three.


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