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Virtual networks, social fabrics aims to discuss the matter of community and the common in the context of temporal and spatial conditions created through the practice of reading, ecosystems of plausible artworlds as well as in theoretical and direct curatorial approaches. It attempts to understand the concept of community in the online and offline spaces, in which a community exists.

Virtual networks, social fabrics lends itself as a space of encounter and experimentation. It invites to reflect on the common through the practice of the Department of Reading and its conceptual assumptions, through the research practice, theoretical discussion as well as curatorial approach of the research project New Models of Curating? as well as through the frame of Plausible Artworlds.

New Models of Curating? considers the potentialities of the curator as the one, who looks after the common in the condition of its temporalities and dispersed distribution. The premise of Plausible Artworlds, a project by the Philadelphia-based collaborative group Basekamp, is that those networks known as artworlds are not just places where art gets seen and talked about, but are no less integral to art production than artists themselves. The Department of Reading addresses an indeterminacy between reading and writing, thus a textual space that suggests a practice, which is not simply reading and yet not writing.

playing practice
November 1
6 pm – 10 pm

As a continuation of the series playing practice the session on November 1 departs from seven textual fragments, assembled in numbered sections. In their shape these fragments remind of a tangram. By means of simple commands placed in the chat on Skype, they can be quoted, edited, moved, exchanged, reworked, replaced and rewritten. The session on November 1 therefore invites to a discussion on playing that alike the tangram allows for different figures to appear through entering into new combinations.

The previous session playing practice was aiming at a space where text could become a matter of playing and playing a practice that would allow for reading and writing to coincide. In sharing textual fragments as tools and toys, this collaborative session took place at the Urbanomic Studio, Falmouth, and online with the use of the Department of Reading wiki, Skype and Department of Reading internet system (DoRis). By proposing simple frameworks and rules with which to start this session, playing itself became a space of encounter, experimentation and intervention that could be entered and left at any time.

The initial Session took place on 2 September 2008 in the framework of (IN)visible networks.This session did not depart from a given text, a particular artworld, or a specific curatorial model, but started as an attempt to introduce a common thread between three projects by inviting its readers to interfere with this introduction - to comment, discuss and unfold their implied questions. A first recapitulation of this session can be found here.

Virtual networks, social fabrics is a collaboration between Magda Tyzlik-Carver, Scott Rigby and Sönke Hallmann.


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