I would like to propose a certain way of looking at / reading / embodying the history of ukrainian contemporary art that we are working with. Namely, through our own (each) individual subjective persons (rather than as detached documentarians, historians, archivists). For example, almost everyday i observe in my reactions to situations - both internally/emotionally and externally/physiologically/mannerisms - characteristics of my parents, grandparents that are alive in me today. I propose that we take a similar stance, each of us as a person who is part of/related to the ukrainian contemporary art situation - researching the particular aspects of its history that we embody and enact, that are part of us as individuals in our current work.
Can we embody other personages through their direct speech? Can we "play" ourselves as well? How can each of us transform from another into another into oneself and into another (etc) - as an actor would - although we ARE NOT Trained as actors?


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