what one sees and what one interprets

as far as the production - the idea of rehearsal and repetition in theater, we are staging past events in the present, in a sense repeating them in a new context (temporal, spatial, geographic-national-political). this may be more like contemporary re-performance of historic performances, in that its value is to give viewers today a physical/sensual idea of what the performance is about, but really it points to their absence at the scene of the original event. but here we are carriers of the "original event" it has been transfrormed into us.
What you are writing about "pointing to the absence of the original event" reminds me also of the different trials of working with re-made and existing documents of performances and art-works of the Odessa context. But I would be very interested to look with much more care at this specific absence and how this absence becomes present in a precise manner.
it might be interesting to begin with reading /enacting interviews with key figures, but interjecting our own commentary - what we know now


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