Witnessing The Writing Of History

Flutgraben invites:
Witnessing the writing of history
A scenic display and workshop by Ingela Johansson
organized with Ulrike Jordan and Inga Zimprich
contribution by Naomi Hennig

Friday June 13th 5 – 9 pm

Witnessing the writing of history is symbolically and visually addressing the idea of the backside through the representation of documentary work in artistic practices.

The starting point is the representation of an art collection as a social and historical document, presented with its backside towards the reader, which unfolds into a narrative around a mining strike in the north of Sweden 1969/70 and the solidarity movement around it.

The gesture of turning the back against something is being strategically used in protest movements today as well as it has been applied as a means of withdrawal as a political statement for artists for many generations. The idea to slightly shift, or turn away from the centre speaker in order to redistribute the power or to self-educate and to share knowledge between peers, has been a tool to resist the bourgeois value system within the workers movement as well as within the tradition of the institutional critique and the avantgarde.

The workshop Witnessing the writing of history will address this symbolism of the “backside” in the visual arts, theatre and literature, with examples of behind the scene narratives in works by Peter Weiss and my book-project “The art of the strike”. The workshop will furthermore address issues relating to witness statements, the practice of the assemblage in relation to history writing and the speaking position of the artist in relation to the ongoing academization and specialisation in the art field.

To participate, please register in advance by emailing to programm at flutgraben dot org

Image: Backside of work from the art strike collection.